Saturday, November 29, 2014

Changing someone's world... Follow their journey here.

Mindful Awareness has commenced an initiative to support people less fortunate, and in this blog, you can follow the journey of various recipients. We will attempt to show the difference that is made by the efforts of all involved.
Every month we will feature a person or family and, as a group, look for ways to make improvements to their lives.

Pradeep from Visakhapatnam, AP India. Here with Lars at the Marriott Hyderabad India in 2010.

We selected this month's (December 2014) beneficiary but encourage everyone to suggest others for January 2015.
Our selection was based on the fact he works closely with us and is not only a valued team member but also a friend, who's life has been affected by a recent cyclone.

Times of India reports:
In a first comprehensive report on 'extent of damage' caused by Cyclone Hudhud in Andhra Pradesh, the state government has informed the Centre Government that the very severe cyclonic storm had not only killed 46 persons and injured 43 others but also affected 2,09 million families and took lives of 2831 animals and 2,44 million poultry/ducks in four districts on October 12.

Above HudHud Images are from APTODAY

The Story so far:
Pradeep, his wife and two young children lost everything and the house they now call home, has no fridge, cooking utensils, stove (they borrowed a hotplate), transport (the scooter that transports the four got damaged), furniture and many other items.
This is their home...

Sky Satellite  TV is offered in their area at affordable rates and keeps the children entertained before school, but the satellite dish got damaged so its standard TV channels only, sorry kids no more cartoons :-(

The ceiling fan helps cool the room and is necessary as the asbestos ceiling gets hot during summer where the weather reaches 40c+

This is the kitchen that desperately needs a fridge and some cooking utensils.
Mrs Pradeep* preparing her children's meals. The dampness is constant problem especially since the cyclone.

Thanks to a recent fundraising effort by Sean Summerville, we raised enough money to buy a monitor and new parts to the PC. This enables Pradeep to continue contributing as a team member and to have a communication with the outside world. Here Pradeep sits with his two children, whilst he works on various IT projects.

Next Step:
Yesterday we told Pradeep's story to a crowd that assembled in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.
Some money were raised but we are not entirely sure of the amount. That will be revealed later today.

Australia Web & IT donated 2 x $1000 vouchers redeemable for new websites or other IT work.
These two vouchers were auctioned and raised $1011 cash towards Pradeep and his family.
Congratulations to Sara Marly Gow and Penny Sun who both outbid everyone.
There were many other contributors who placed money into the glass jug and these people are truly wonderful for their generous contributions.

Thank you Mr Auctioneer, AKA Mick, you made it such a memorable auction. 

We will follow the journey and today we speak to Pradeep and reveal his reaction to the total amount raised. We will also continue to report and show what has been achieved, thanks to your support.

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, best wishes and share this as you please. 

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*Due to social stigma we will not always publish spouse and children's names.
We feel it is unnecessary to have these details circulating on the internet.

And to those few individuals who will say that charity starts at home, and we should help the homeless in our own country first, just send us a note, so we can reply with a list of 'soup kitchens' and Centrelink offices.


  1. I would like to thank everybody - Sean, Lars, and all the people who have lend a helping hand to provide support towards me and my family. We greatly appreciate everyone for this help, which would go a long way in making our lives much much better, than what it is right now.
    The funds provided would help us relocate at a mcuh better location and have all the facilities for my kids to have a better living.
    Thank you very very much

    Best Regards Pradeep

  2. We look forward to seeing your new accommodation.